Welcome Address by HRH Franz Duke of Bavaria

The 2nd European Lithography Days will take place for the second time this summer, and it has been a pleasure for me to take on the patronage for this ambitious project of the Münchner Künstlerhaus, with whom I have been associated as chairman of the board of trustees for many years.

Under the theme of “Beyond the Borders”, the Lithography Days 2012 will provide an overview of the latest developments at the place of origin of lithographic printing. National and international artists, gallery owners, printers and the interested public will have the chance to experience a direct and substantial, practice-oriented exchange on the present position and tendencies of lithographic printing.

I am looking forward to the large number of exhibitions, which will present the wide range of printing techniques, the highly qualified speeches and discussions taking place at the LITHO+ forum, as well as the numerous excursions to specific workshops in and around Munich. The variety of expert printing demonstrations in the courtyard of the Münchner Künstlerhaus, which will be offered during the entire period of the Lithography Days, will also give the interested public the opportunity to become acquainted with lithographic printing and have an active experience of it.

With my patronage, I would like to support the underlying objectives of the idea of the 2nd European Lithography Days:
to provide artists from all over the world with a forum in which they can preserve the old tradition of lithographic printing going back to Alois Senefelder from Munich, and at the same time
continuously develop this art in a creative way.

I wish this valuable artistic endeavour success and continuity in achieving the set goals.

Nymphenburg Palace, August 2012
Franz Herzog von Bayern


During the lithography days there is a lithography tombola taking place.
The two top prizes are sponsored by
Polymetaal, a Dutch manufacturer of printmaking equipment.

1st prize: 400€ Shopping Voucher at Polymetaal

2nd prize: 200€ Shopping Voucher at Polymetaal

Good luck!


Programmübersicht, Stand 28.07.2012 ( Das Programm der 2. Europäischen Lithotage wird laufend aktualisiert und ergänzt )

Program Summary ( last update: July, 28th 2012 )(Subject to modifications this program is to be continuously amplified until the beginning of the 2nd Lithography Days in Munich)

Exhibition " 10 Jahre Lithografiestipendium"  Exhibition Catalogue available from August 28th, 2012