Round Table

There will be concentrated food for the mind,
ranging from the informative to the amusing.


Friday, August 31, 2012  
11:00 - 12:00 Printing Demo Angela Schröder (GER): `Printing- Overprinting´.

production of transfer-paper, transfer of photocopies and frottage..
Together with Jürgen Zeidler, Angela Schröder manages SAAL-PRESSE in Bergsdorf near Berlin (see also Sunday, September 03)


Saturday, September 1, 2012  
10:00 to 17:00 Künstlerhaus "STEINE, FETT UND FARBE" (Stones, Grease and Color)- printing activities for the young in the courtyard of Münchner Künstlerhaus:.
On various printing presses, experts demonstrate lithography, gravure printing and silkscreen printing for ‘insiders’ and interested public. Our young participants and visitors (older than 6) are invited to make use of our offer to watch the processes of printing or to do-it-yourself!The workshop managers do not only demonstrate techniques and give information, but answer questions and are ready to help.
10:00 Opening of FORUM LITHO +
Opening of Druck- und Informationsforum LITHO + (print andinformation forum) at Münchner Künstlerhaus:.

Welcoming address and official opening:
Maja Grassinger, President of Münchner Künstlerhaus.
11:00 Lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion:.

Stephen Hoskins, (UK): Printmaking, Art and Industry, from Lithography to Stereo Lithography.

As a researcher in the field of graphic reproduction, Stephen Hoskins is head of the Bristol Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK; he is founder of an international convention called IMPACT for people dealing with graphic reproduction.

12:00 Lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion:.

Lars Lundquist (SWE): The Lithographic Academy in Tidaholm.

With its workshops, a museum and a graphic arts school the Lithographic Academy in Tidaholm is one of the most important centers for lithography and graphic printing in Sweden. Lars Lundquist is the manager of the workshops and organizes regular meetings of graphic printmakers in Tidaholm.
14:00 Lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion:.

Richard Noyce, (UK): "A Print? What's that?" .

The title is based on his current work and past experience of the rapidly evolving world of print making. Richard Noyce is a free-lance author and artist, he hosted the 4th international Print Exhibition, in Istanbul in 2011. His publications rank among the standard works on graphic reproduction.
15:00 Lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion.

Nina Bondeson (SWE) :To be print potent - a transintellectual suggestion
about the ENDEGRA (European Network for Development and Education in Graphic) .

An overriding textual attitude holds a strong hegemonical position, not only in contemporary art, but in all of society. It cannot be disregarded. But it can, and it should, be opposed. To empower a true diversity in art, and enable relevant acting spaces, we need to articulate, not only personal artistic experiences, but also the idea of what art is and what function it has.
16:00 Lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion:.

Marjorie Devon, (USA): "Tamarind: Mastering the Art of Collaboration.".

Marjorie Devon, director of Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA. Worldwide, this institute is the only professional training place for lithographers working with stone. The most important reference book on lithography is published by Tamarind.
17:00 Lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion:
Sarah Dudley und Ulrich Kühle, (GER): KEYSTONE EDITIONS
After their professional training, Sarah Dudley and Ulrich Kühle elaborated their manual skills and finally achieved artistic mastery; e.g. by doing long-term projects in South Africa and with the aboriginees in Australia. Two years ago, they founded ”Keystone editions“ in Berlin. .


Sunday, September 2, 2012  
10:00 lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion:.
Li Portenlänger, (GER) : The Invention of Lithography and the Solnhofen Quarries where Lithographic Limestone is Mined..

Li Portenlänger is a freelance artist and manages the Lithography studio in Eichstätt.
11:00 lecture JLecture with subsequent discussion (in German):.

Jürgen Zeidler, Saalpresse, Bergsdorf (GER): Franz Maria Ferchl and the Annals From 1973 to 1980.

Jürgen Zeidler was director of the printing workshops of Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin; together with two colleagues he founded Taborpresse Berlin in 1993. 1995 he and his wife Angela Schröder founded SAAL-Presse in Bergsdorf near Berlin.
12:00 lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion (in German):.

Steffen Tschesno, (GER): Graphical fragments and broken lithographic stones in the work of the painter and illustrator Mark Lammert.

Steffen Tschesno operates a studio for lithography in Berlin and is a teacher at the Berlin University of the Arts.
14:00 lecture (Studio Steindruck München) Lecture with subsequent discussion in the workshop of STEINDRUCK MÜNCHEN:.

Mark Hunter, Scottland: "Waterless Lithography: from Canada to Scotland to Bavaria and Beyond ..".

Mark Hunter is a painter/printmaker/musician, working at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art - printmaking workshops, Dundee University offers a wide range of disciplines and levels of artists in a broad range of processes, including waterless lithography.
15:00 lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion:.
planparallel, Verlag und Werkstatt für Editionen (printing house and workshop for editions) founded in 2010.
„Über Sinn und Unsinn eines kleinen Unternehmens(’On sense and nonsense when running a small enterprise’)
Joe Holzner - natural born printer, Gesa Puell – endowed with mit 20 years of experience, and Elisabeth Wallner – the one for marketing: in 2010 the three of them people founded a printing house plus studio workshop. Now, two years later, they look back on their experiences, and look ahead as to the projects, and prospects, of ’planparallel’.
16:00 lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion:.

Ernst Hanke, Steindruckerei Hanke, (CH):“Paul Wunderlich und das Vakuumverfahren“ (P.W. and the vacuum process“).

Some works by Paul Wunderlich being shown in the clubrooms
during the lithography days.

The exhibition ”Paul Wunderlich“ at Münchner Künstlerhaus is open to the public
from 10:00 to 18:00 during the Lithography Days.
17:00 lecture Lecture with subsequent discussion: (in German).

Peter Pollaert (GER): Graphic prints by students as part of their education at the Berlin University of the Arts, as well as experience with photo etching..

Peter Pollaert is a teacher for graphic prints at the Berlin University of the Arts